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Tenancy Information

NFVHA Tenancies

In order to be signed up to an NFVHA tenancy, you must be over 18 years of age.  You will be asked to sign a tenancy agreement, which is a legally binding document.  By signing our agreement, you will be agreeing to keep to the terms set out within the agreement.  Dependent on your circumstances, you may either sign up to a sole tenancy or a joint tenancy.   


Once you have been ‘signed up’ to your tenancy, you will be handed your keys, a copy of your tenancy agreement and a copy of the Tenant’s Handbook  All NFVHA tenancies start on a Monday and require 1 months’ notice to terminate, ending on a Sunday.  


Adding or Removing a Name on Your Tenancy Agreement 

Sole to Joint - If you would like to make a request to add another person to your tenancy agreement to create a joint tenancy, you will be asked to put your request in writing to the Association.  Please contact the office for further information.

Please note that that there is no legal obligation for the Association to grant your request.

If your application is successful, you will need to assign your tenancy by completing a ‘Deed of Assignment’.  This is a legally binding document.

Joint to Sole – Your joint tenancy may be assigned to a sole tenancy with the agreement of all parties.  Please contact the office for further information.

If your request is agreed by all parties, you will need to complete a Deed of Assignment.

If the rent account is in arrears, both parties will need to make an agreement with regards to the arrears.  The remaining tenant will agree to take on all tenancy responsibilities from the date of the assignment onwards.


Terminating your tenancy

If you would like to terminate your tenancy, you must give the Association at least 1 months’ notice in writing.  (In exceptional circumstances, we may agree to alter this time). 


In the event of the death of a tenant, please contact the Association to discuss how the tenancy can be terminated.   Someone with Power of Attorney would usually deal with this.  


You will be expected to leave the property clean and in good repair.  If any non-standard fittings have been installed, these must be removed and replaced with standard fittings, unless otherwise agreed with the Association.   Any resulting holes or other damage to the property must be made good.  The Association may agree to items such as carpets and curtains being left.  This will usually be agreed during the ‘Void Inspection’.


If your property has not been cleared, or if it has been left in poor condition when the tenancy has ended, you may be re-charged for any works carried out in order to bring the home up to a good standard of repair and cleanliness. 


People living in Your Home

It is important to keep the Association informed regarding the occupants of your home.  If there is a change of occupancy, please contact the office immediately to provide details of the change.  This includes new babies, new partners, relationship breakdowns etc.


Get Involved!

Do you have a background or interest  in housing, construction, finance or similar? Are you interested in joining the Board?


We are interested in hearing from both tenants and members of the public.    


For further information and to find out how you can get involved, please contact us at;


New Forest Villages Housing Association

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Tel: +44 1425 611855
E-mail: Please  use the email form found on the 'contact page' or by clicking here.  


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